Yellow Cab Service Reviews from Abilene, TX

Read what some of our customers had to say about their transportation experience from RoadRunner Taxi:
“I called RoadRunner Taxi Service earlier this morning and am so pleased. It was great to get pickup within minutes after I called and the gentleman could not have been more pleasant. It’s good to know that in today’s crazy world there is someone I can call on when in need. Since moving to Abilene I have not been fortunate to meet the best of people and circumstances have not been so kind. This may sound fanatical but the gentleman that drove me from Butternut to Georgetown earlier gives me a ray of hope that good things do happen. Thank you.” –Noah W.
“They are friendly and good drivers. Their pickup time is great, normally 15 to 20 minutes. The lowest rates in Abilene, Texas. And to respond to previous review if you ever rode with the other taxi you would realize there is no meter to read in any car in town and they charge outrageous prices at times. Certainly higher than this company.” –Anonymous Customer
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